Adobe AIR for Linux Freely Available

Adobe AIR

The Linux community of developers can now use proven HTML, Ajax, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex software, to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) that deploy to desktops across operating systems. RIA developers can extend the reach of their desktop applications on Adobe AIR to Linux users without writing additional platform-specific code, providing access to innovative, branded desktop applications that were previously only available to Mac and Windows users.

An update to the alpha version of Adobe Flex Builder 3 for Linux software is also available on Adobe Labs today, which adds support for creating applications that run on Adobe AIR. The combination of Flex, Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux comprises a well supported, free RIA development platform that enables developers to build, debug and deploy RIAs entirely on Linux, and across browsers and desktops.

The pre-release alpha version of Adobe AIR for Linux is available immediately in English as a free download from Adobe Labs.

The final version of Adobe AIR for Linux is expected later this year and will be available in other languages.

Additionally, the update to Adobe Flex Builder 3 for Linux alpha is freely available in English from Adobe Labs.

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