Glass less Apple 3D TV How it Works

Apple 3D

Apples new patent looks to be a form of 3D projection technology. The Apple 3D patent was originally filed in 2006, and has just now been released publicly. Apple has been working on a device that allows the viewer to view a 3D image without those 3D glasses. The Apple 3D invention uses a screen that deflects images taken from slightly different angles into each eye to create a stereoscopic image which the brain converts into three dimensions. The brass ring is an entirely holographic live-action movie, though such a feat will require new film making techniques to capture the actors from all the necessary angles. The Apple 3D technology will likely first be implemented with computer displays, and the iPad.

Looking at the setup it is really hard to implement. Apple 3D will have 3 hardware components like a projector, 3D image generator, 3D display and light sensor, which is placed accordingly in a room. It’s clear that it need a special room to implement this Apple 3D technology. So you are not using 3D glasses to see this but you need to spend more on devices and also should arrange a special room for it. Any way if the quality and 3D reality is good then the people will accept it.

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