How To Remove Google Search Virus Warning Alert? This Site May Harm Your Computer

How To Remove Google Search Virus warning Alert? This Site may harm Your Computer

If your website is facing similar problem while searching then you need to make sure that..

1) Your ‘.htaccess’ file hacked.

Some one hacked your ‘.htaccess’ file and added malicious redirection codes in to it. What it dose means! It redirects the Google or any other search engine request to malicious domains, so for this you can do one thing like Remove all ‘.htaccess’ which are infected or replace it with original one.

2) Make sure your website is not affiliated with any Mallware related website or activates.

Your site may infected by iframe attack where hackers inserted JavaScript iframe codes into your first or last line of index pages of every folders. This calls an external malicious page in to visitor’s computer and loads nasty programs. The codes will be inserted in encoded format, so look like “%20%77%69%6e” in a file. You need to clean this.

Once you have reviewed your website and are sure it is clean, you can submit a request for re-review your site with google manully as follows.

Using Google Webmaster Tools. (Note: you need to verify site ownership to see this information).

1. Sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Google account.
2. On the Dashboard, select the site you want.
3. On the Overview page, click Request a review and follow the instructions.

After this Google will review your website manually and, Once they will make sure that it doesn’t host or distribute any type of Malware, they will remove the identification from search results and it will re-index it.


I forgot to tell the Reason and Precaution for this problem, here it is …

This can happen for various reasons like:

– poor/compromised account/FTP password, which allows hackers to guess the password [or use brutforce tools] and get unauthorized access.
– user’s computer infected by viruses, which is controlled by hackers. In this situation, customer’s uploads also get infected.
– poor scripts, which allows hackers to insert various malformed queries and remotely execute the code and perform intended action
– Virus effected theme selection for the application
– Installing application which are downloaded form third party sites; mainly not genuine sites.

You will have to ensure that:

– generate a strong password combination [for account, ftp, database etc]
– scan local computer with good antivirus, anti spy ware programs and clean bad programs.
– keep the software up-to-date with vendors/developers, and seek their support/forums for any known vulnerabilities/fixes/workarounds available.

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6 Responses to How To Remove Google Search Virus Warning Alert? This Site May Harm Your Computer

  1. sbin says:

    Its really good one, It helps me to rectify my website problem instantly.
    Thanks a lot…

  2. ashok daniel says:

    When i search for “Google” in google I get the message “This site may harm your computer”. This is a major screw up from google’s side!

  3. Steve says:

    Jan 30, 2009 – Every site I search for in Google – CNN, ABC, Pepsi, ESPN, etc. are all comprimised? What the……

  4. admin says:

    check your computer for a installed program claming to be from adobe acrobat it is causing the problem.

  5. Hi, I have read the above and quite unserstand the process. my issue is that i went as far as deleting the whole site and recreating it all over again and even change the access codes and passcodes but google still shows the same warning.

    Please advice?

    whats htaccess file.

  6. Related Site says:

    I appreciate the info on your internet site. Appreciate

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