Install OpenOffice 2.4 on Windows Vista

OpenOffice provides everything most people need in an office productivity suite for free. It is stable, reliable, and robust. Unlike its major competitor, it was designed from the start as a single piece of software, which makes for higher quality software and a more consistent user experience. OpenOffice is available on all major computing platforms and is supported in over seventy languages.

The main components of the Suite are

– Writer  wordprocessor
– Calc  spreadsheet
– Impress  for presentations
– Draw for graphics
– Base  database

It has a familiar user interface, and is able to read and write the vast majority of legacy file formats (including common Microsoft Office formats). It is supported in over seventy languages, with active support both Communities based (free) and from commercial organizations (paid-for).


Download the OpenOffice 2.4 here…

Run the installer file; the installer extracts the files in an 2.x (en-US) Installation Files folder on your desktop, then the installer is launched automatically once the extract is complete. Then the real thing begins and it does install indeed in “\Program files\OpenOffice.org2.x” directory. Note that, it doesn’t create any desktop shortcut to launch the applications. They are in your Start menu once installed. And once it’s ok, just delete the folder on your desktop.

So now done with installation!! Enjoy the power of OpenOffice, Compare to Microsoft Office, Open office is bit faster and also it supports all Microsoft office related stuffs and especially for frees of cost, that’s interesting isn’t it?

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