Microsoft warns users against using vLite


THE GLORIOUS empire of the Vole, upon which the sun does not set, is miffed that people would want to slim down its flagship operating system, Vista.

Earlier this week we mentioned a third party application, called vLite that offered to turn Vista from an over-bloated slug into something a bit closer to British Medical Association guidelines on obesity.

Speaking to, a huffy SpokesVole did not bless such changes that strip out applications from Windows Vista prior to installing it on your system.

He hinted darkly that one day you might need one of those applications and your cut down operating system will fail you in your hour of need.

Future Windows updates and service packs could be impossible to download and your system will become unstable.

Apparently, the Vole does have a project as part of its Windows 7 development process, to create a slimmed-down Windows kernel called MinWin. Pity about the name as any Goon fan knows Min was an ancient crone who seems on the verge of breaking down. In ancient Egypt the God of fertility, Min, also had huge gonads.

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