Motorola RAZR V9 Ferrari Limited Edition soon


Motorola is still managing to hook up with the big names like Ferrari and apparently launch a few Limited Edition handsets with the renowned car maker.

The MOTO Z8 Edition was launched at the end of last year and this souped up RIZR Ferrari colored handset came also included videos, wallpapers and ringtones as well as a rather generous pre-registration to the official Ferrari website.

MOTO’s latest, it seems, is the RAZR V9 that will also bear the famous Prancing Horse, and come with a lamb-skin case that will have the Ferrari logo. The handset’s specs won’t be any different. Some of the features include a 2MP camera, Bluetooth with A2DP, MicroSD card support and a secondary 2-inch semi-touch sensitive, external display.

These darn Limited Editions cost a bundle. No price has been officially pinned to the handset yet.

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