New SDK details of iPhone leaked



According to several sources familiar with Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch software development kit (SDK) plans, the company will use a March 6 event in Cupertino, California to formally announce a number of potentially controversial limitations on application development and publishing, their comments were not for attribution, independently confirming the following details, and offering differing opinions of their importance.


The leaks suggest that the iTunes store will act as a hub very much like it does with podcasts allowing developers a payment metric as well as offering iPod and iPhone applications in one searchable place.

Doing it this way, claim the sites sources, will allow Apple to formally approve or deny all SDK-based software releases for its devices and in our opinion opens up the possibility of a bounty that could be added for listing the applications.


The story also implies that the SDK won’t give developers access to all the hardware on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

According to the report, developers won’t get access to the Dock Connector hence removing any possibility of a hardware based accessory add-on like a GPS module.

Integrated iPhone or iPod touch features such as the phone, Wi-Fi, and camera will be developer-accessible however, although Bluetooth 2.0 is also under consideration for being excluded.

Finally the article cites that the final SDK won’t be released until Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference event in San Francisco.




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