Nokia Struggles With Touch Screen?


Nokia is still working on bringing out touch, the company told a disappointed audience at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Apple wasn’t mentioned, but the message was clear–the Mac-maker had an easy time of it developing an iPhone as its first ever telephony product, while the Finnish handset maker has more work to do.

The company also denied a move to Linux following its acquisition of Trolltech, and added pedestrian-focussed GPS to its products.

“We are platformising touch and will bring out touch products this year,” said Niklas Savander, head of software and services at Nokia. He said it was important not to bring out “guinea pig” (other reporters heard “gimmicky”) touch products–and promised a smooth migration path from Nokia’s existing products and the 5000 applications running on mobile phones.

Nokia executives denied the company had any plans for Windows Mobile machines, despite Sony Ericsson announcing support for the Microsoft operating system in a phone announced today.


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