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Numark is known for some extremely fine music equipment with specifications directed toward the DJ market segment. With Apple and the iPod being today’s trendy and premier way to cart your music around, Numark has come up with quite a few devices that cater to the iPod / DJ junkie – and one of their latest devices is a turntable called the TTi.

Although music can be downloaded easily enough via the net and iTunes, what about those golden oldies on vinyl that you’d love to have updated into your device? Numark has considered this query and their solution is in the form of the TTi turntable that includes a Universal Dock for the iPod, USB audio interface, a metal platter and a pitch control.

One of the prime features with the TTi turntable is that users can easily transfer old vinyl collections to an iPod directly. The included software bundle archives records directly to the user’s iTunes Library for transfer to CD or any MP3 player. The software also reduces noisy pops and clicks inherent on some old vinyl recordings.

Owners of iPod (Classic or 5th generation) and iPod Nano (2nd or 3rd generation) can record from vinyl directly to an iPod without a computer. People with other iPod models can transfer captured vinyl recordings to their iPods by using iTunes to transfer the tracks after recording.


Source: numark

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