Philips 3D 4YOU LCD Monitor and with its first 3D Television set

Panasonic is promoting its 3D TV and even Sony is trying for 3D TV too. Philips is already out with its 3D TV prototype. Even Samsung. The TV can also display standard two-dimensional images, close to HD quality.

This can be done either by direct 3D recording or by converting existing 2D content to 3D content. After that it’s coded with a processor in the TV generates nine slightly different views corresponding to the different angles. From almost any location, a viewer catches a different image in each eye. It is viewed over any 3D television using special glasses that come along with the TV itself.

This type of TV is best suited for video gaming. The amount of fun element it will add to Video Gaming. As its very difficult to convert traditional videos into 3D format, new games can very well adapt to the situation and can start creating new games which will be 3D compatible.

A standard laptop running Philips’ software was able to convert the DVD The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King into 3D in real time and display it on Philips’s new 20-inch 3D 4YOU LCD monitor. A retail-kiosk implementation of the 3-D screen.

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  1. simon kalya says:

    this is amazing news, please make sure the glassless tv and monitor is with us in the market very soon

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