Samsung P960 world first DVB-H mobile TV phone.


The 3G HSDPA mobile is said to be the world’s first DVB-H mobile TV phone that supports both of European mobile TV standards.


These are Digital Video Broadcast – Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Service (DVB-CBMS), which has now been endorsed by European authorities, and Open Mobile Alliance Mobile Broadcast Service Enabler Suite (OMA-BCAST).

The Electronic Service Guide (ESG) provides an on-screen TV guide and there’s also a Picture in Picture (PIP) facility that allows users to view two channels at once.

The time-shifting feature shifts TV program schedules when a show is interrupted by incoming calls.

And Samsung has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen to offer “a professional quality audio experience”.

The phone’s battery supports up to 5 hours of TV watching time.

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