Via To Launch ‘Isaiah’ Core


Via Technology, which has focused on low-power processors for some time now, has confirmed through its subsidiary Centaur Technology that it plans to launch its next-generation of processors based on the ‘Isaiah’ core sometimes in the first quarter of this year.

The new processors will support out-of-order execution and may also have support for multi-core processing. As per the report here, Glenn Henry, president of Centaur, has said the Isaiah core will feature 2-4 times the performance of the current C7 core at the same clock speed, while maintaining the same power requirements.

“What we tried to do with the Isaiah architecture is to stay within the same low-power architecture,” said Henry. “It will not replace the C7; what we wanted to do was increase competitiveness in that area.”

Centaur and Via have not been forthcoming on product specifications for the new core, but did hint that a single core would probably be at the same speed as the current C7: 2 GHz.

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